Career Planning

Job satisfaction is a primary reason for failures in employment, career development and employment transitions. Very often this is due to a poor fit between personal temperament and career requirements. FICS offers a group of tests that will help you identify new career plans as well as finding a profession that best meets your skills and interests.
Using the Campbell Interest and Skill Inventory we will identify career paths that best fit your temperament and are most likely to result in career success. Skill is an essential element of success as interest, or curiosity, is not enough to result in career satisfaction and effectiveness. Skills take into account your ability to follow through on your curiosity. Lots of people, for example, are interested in astronomy but lack the necessary skills in math, detail oriented record keeping and teaching to make a career viable. Similarly many college graduates have the necessary skills to be a grade school teacher but lack the interest that would make such a career path rewarding.
The FIRO-B is used to understand social temperaments and rule in or rule out career paths based on the required level of social interaction. By measuring you according to various aspects of social personality we can work together to find a career path that will be emotionally meaningful while at the same time avoid overburdening you, burning you out or taxing your emotional energy so much that your personal life suffers.
Now is the time to position yourself in a career that will take maximum advantage of your strengths and interests while the economy is still slow. Just like with your money, you want your time to be invested where it will make the greatest gains when an up market returns.