DUI/DWAI Education and Treatment

Family Integration Counseling is licensed by the Office of Behavioral Health (formerly ADAD) to provide Level I and Level II DUI Education and Treatment. We can meet your court ordered or DMV requirements for any DUI, DWAI, DUI-D obtained in the State of Colorado. Out of state offenders must verify with their supervising state to ensure parity between Colorado Treatment requirements and those of their own state.

I’ve been told to get in Treatment, What do I need?

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What is Level I Education?

Level I Education consists of 12 hours of DUI education over a minimum 2-day period, not more than 6 hours can be conducted in one calendar day. Typically conducted in a group or class. Level I Education is not appropriate for someone who has had more than one impaired driving offense, or one offense with a high BAC.

What is Level II Education?

Level II Education consists of 24 hours of DUI education over 12 weeks. Typically conducted in a group setting, class size is limited to not more than 12 regularly attending. Level II Education can be recommended by itself or may be followed by Level II Therapy.

What is Level II Therapy?

When Level II Therapy is required it follows Level II Education and can range in length from 5 to 10 months depending on the track assigned. Track assignment depends on whether a person has prior impaired driving offenses, their BAC and other clinical indicators. These track recommendations are made by the alcohol evaluator (probation) or in the absence of an evaluation, the treatment agency.

  The following are the Level II therapy track guidelines:

  • Track A, 42 hours over 21 weeks, usually for a first time offender with a BAC below .17;
  • Track B, 52 hours over 26 weeks, usually for a first time offender with a BAC of .17 or above;
  • Track C, 68 hours over 34 weeks, usually for someone with a prior DWAI/DUI, and a BAC below .17;
  • Track D, 86 hours over 43 weeks, usually for someone with a prior DWAI/DUI, and a BAC of .17 or above.

Family Integration Counseling uses the Interactive Journaling System from The Change Companies®. This structured treatment group allows for education, information and processing of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that lead to abusive use of drugs or alcohol.


The State of Colorado has resources to help avoid and manage the results of a DUI, DUI-d or DWAI