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  1. Middle aged woman in Pine, CO

    I have just finished 6 months of Domestic Violence Counseling at Family Integration Counseling Services (FICS) with Dustin Powell as my therapist. While under Dusty’s counsel I learned so much about my self and why I do the things that I do. Every week was an eye opening experience, one that I am very thankful for. Since completing my sentence, I have continued seeing Dusty so that I may continue to improve in myself. Since being in counseling I have MUCH better relationships with my family and Fiancé. Life is much calmer and easy to live. I thank Dusty for this. Dustin Powell is very concerned about his clients. He has a high regard for confidentiality and really does care what your needs are and what you are feeling. Nothing is to small or to large, he can help you with whatever your issue/needs are. He has a great sense of humor and keeps his sessions light as well as informative. He keeps you accountable and always lets you know what is expected of you. I highly recommend FICS and Dusty Powell, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

  2. Mother of two teen boys in Evergreen, CO

    Through weekly family and individual counseling, Dusty has helped bring a sense of calm back to our family. We are learning to communicate with each other and most importantly we are learning to listen. Dusty has earned trust and respect from our entire family and we feel fortunate to be working with him.

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