Dusty Powell has worked with teens since 2002 and children since 2005. During this time he has seen them in a variety of situations and worked with all aspects of their life, from home behavior to school life. He’s experienced in many developmental disorders including Aspergers Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. He was worked with disorders that for some can last a lifetime such as complex PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and psychotic disorders. He specializes in problems with peers including sexual abuse, drug abuse/addiction and violent behavior.



Children who experience trauma suffer reoccurring experiences of the event, compulsively avoid reminders of the event and may reenact the event through play or conversation. Play therapy and talk therapy help these kids resolve these patterns that hinder normal development.

Youth Drug Use
Teens often use drugs out of social needs, isolation and poor emotional regulation skills. Strength based approaches encourage teens to develop a sense of independence that allows them to resist peer pressure. Teens can suffer from addiction however it is far more rare than in adult life.

Sexual Behavior
Teens manifest a variety of problem sexual behavior ranging from promiscuity to abusive sexual behavior. Interventions developed specifically for youth are shown to be highly affective at reducing these behaviors.

Legal Problems

Juvenile delinquency is a problem for youth and parents alike. We work closely with Human Services and Probation to help support the family and facilitate needed changes.